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Do skylights block out UV rays?

Skylights and UVB radiation

Is living in a home with a skylight safe? Do they block out UV rays or contribute to your risk of getting skin cancer?

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UVB radiation is diffused by most types of glass, so it is unlikely that living in a home with a skylight will contribute to an increased risk of skin cancer. However, the degree to which glass products provide UV protection depends on the glass type, glass colour, the presence of an interleave between pieces of glass, or the presence of a coating on the glass. Some skylights use domes and others use angled glass. Most skylights are made up of layered, protective glass. Many state they have ultraviolet (UV) protection. It would be best to contact the manufacturer to find out the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating of the glass. If the skylight is made from polycarbonate or fibreglass sheeting it would have a very high UPF rating.

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