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Can Bioresonance Therapy cure cancer?

Can Bioresonance Therapy cure cancer?

Has any research been carried out with practitioners of this therapy?

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Bioresonance therapy is not an effective treatment for cancer or any other kind of disease. There is no good evidence that it works, and it fundamentally makes no sense. It claims that cancer cells, or other diseased organs, give off abnormal electromagnetic energy, and that these imbalanced fields cause disease and illness. These problems, it is said, can be fixed by applying electromagnetic fields from electronic devices outside the body. Some claims that the fields “re-enliven?” a gene called p53, which would then cause cancer cells to “self-destruct”. None of these claims are true. Cancer cells don’t give of electromagnetic fields that are different from those of normal cells. Instead, they arise because important genes develop mutations (changes) that allow them to grow and divide uncontrollably. The p53 gene is one of these. But mutations in p53 affect the gene itself, and they cannot be corrected by “re-energising” the gene with electromagnetic waves. The American Cancer Society urges people not to “seek treatment with unproved electronic devices”, while many purveyors of such devices have been prosecuted for making unsubstantiated health claims.

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