Emma Kate from Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia asked:

Do Quit smoking campaigns really work?

Wouldn't the money be better spent on health education campaigns to prevent teenagers from taking up smoking in the first place?

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Adult smokers can and do quit smoking in large numbers. By their mid-forties, over half of the people who have smoked have already quit. Research in Australia and overseas has shown that “cessation” campaigns play an important part in prompting and reinforcing quit attempts. Interestingly, such adult-focused campaigns have also been shown to help prevent uptake of smoking in teenagers, whereas conventional health education lessons in schools have generally been found to be ineffective. The probability of a young person taking up smoking is more than doubled when both parents smoke. As adult smoking rates fall, so will teenage smoking rates. This is hardly surprising as the major attraction of smoking for a teenager is to look more adult. Also, getting more adults to quit smoking will result in a more rapid reduction in disease and death rates.

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